Fortina Paolo

professore associato


Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa: COL7A1 Mutation Landscape in a Multi-Ethnic Cohort of 152 Extended Families with High Degree of Customary Consanguineous Marriages (2017)
Vahidnezhad, Hassan; Youssefian, Leila; Zeinali, Sirous; Saeidian, Amir Hossein; Sotoudeh, Soheila; Mozafari, Nikoo; Abiri, Maryam; Kajbafzadeh, Abdol-Mohammad; Barzegar, Mohammadreza; Ertel, Adam; Fortina, Paolo; Uitto, Jouni
JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY [0022-202X]. 137: pagg. 660-669
Gene-Targeted Next Generation Sequencing Identifies PNPLA1 Mutations in Patients with a Phenotypic Spectrum of Autosomal Recessive Congenital Ichthyosis: The Impact of Consanguinity (2017)
Vahidnezhad, Hassan; Youssefian, Leila; Saeidian, Amir Hossein; Zeinali, Sirous; Mansouri, Parvin; Sotoudeh, Soheila; Barzegar, Mohammadreza; Mohammadi-asl, Javad; Karamzadeh, Razieh; Abiri, Maryam; Mccormick, Kevin; Fortina, Paolo; Uitto, Jouni
JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY [0022-202X]. 137: pagg. 678-685
Transcriptomic profiling of 39 commonly-used neuroblastoma cell lines (2017)
Harenza, Jo Lynne; Diamond, Maura A.; Adams, Rebecca N.; Song, Michael M.; Davidson, Heather L.; Hart, Lori S.; Dent, Maiah H.; Fortina, Paolo; Reynolds, C. Patrick; Maris, John M.
Nanostructured luminescently labeled nucleic acids (2017)
Kricka, Larry J; Fortina, Paolo; Park, Jason Y.
LUMINESCENCE [1522-7235]. 32: pagg. 132-141
Development of an Automated and Sensitive Microfluidic Device for Capturing and Characterizing Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) from Clinical Blood Samples (2016)
Gogoi, Priya; Sepehri, Saedeh; Zhou, Yi; Gorin, Michael A; Paolillo, Carmela; Capoluongo, Ettore; Gleason, Kyle; Payne, Austin; Boniface, Brian; Cristofanilli, Massimo; Morgan, Todd M; Fortina, Paolo; Pienta, Kenneth J; Handique, Kalyan; Wang, Yixin