Gismondi Angela

professore ordinario
Palazzo Ex Regina Elena - III piano - Viale Regina Elena 291 - 00161 Roma


High expression levels of IP10/CXCL10 are associated with modulation of the natural killer cell compartment in multiple myeloma (2017)
Bernardini, G; Vulpis, E; Bonanni, V; Stabile, H; Ricciardi, Mr; Petrucci Mt; Gismondi, A; Santoni, A; Zingoni, A
LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA [1042-8194]. pagg. 1-4
Role of distinct natural killer cell subsets in anticancer response (2017)
Stabile, Helena; Fionda, Cinzia; Gismondi, Angela; Santoni, Angela
FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY [1664-3224]. 8: pagg. 293-300
Innate immune activating ligand SUMOylation affects tumor cell recognition by NK cells (2017)
Zitti, Beatrice; Molfetta, Rosa; Fionda, Cinzia; Quatrini, Linda; Stabile, Helena; Lecce, Mario; de Turris, Valeria; Ricciardi, Maria Rosaria; Petrucci, Maria Teresa; Cippitelli, Marco; Gismondi, Angela; Santoni, Angela; Paolini, Rossella
Capsaicin triggers autophagic cell survival which drives epithelial mesenchymal transition and chemoresistance in bladder cancer cells in an Hedgehog-dependent manner (2016)
Amantini, C; Morelli, Mb; Nabissi, M; Cardinali, C; Santoni, M; Gismondi, A; Santoni, G
Polyfunctional Melan-A-specific tumor-reactive CD8+ T cells elicited by dacarbazine treatment before peptide-vaccination depends on AKT activation sustained by ICOS (2016)
Ornella, Franzesea; Belinda, Palermobc; Cosmo Di, Donnac; Isabella, Sperdutid; Virginia, Ferraresie; Helena, Stabile; Angela, Gismondi; Angela, Santoni