Stefanutti Claudia

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New evidences of D.A.LI. LDL-apheresis effects on circulating pro- and anti- inflammatory cytokines (9999)
Stefanutti C; Di Giacomo S; Morozzi C
THERAPEUTIC APHERESIS AND DIALYSIS [1744-9979]. 15(4): pagg. A23-A24:68
Low density lipoprotein apheresis (9999)
Stefanutti Claudia; Morozzi Claudia
Hemodialysis, When, How, Why - 9781622577040
Book ID: _921: pagg. 1-9
Relationship between Sustained Reductions in Plasma Lipid and Lipoprotein Concentrations with Apheresis and Plasma Levels and mRNA Expression of PTX3 and Plasma Levels of hsCRP in Patients with HyperLp(a)lipoproteinemia (2016)
Stefanutti, Claudia; Mazza, Fabio; Steiner, Michael; Watts, Gerald F; De Nève, Joel; Pasqualetti, Daniela; Paal, Juergen
MEDIATORS OF INFLAMMATION [0962-9351]. 2016: pagg. 4739512-8
HyperLp(a)lipoproteinaemia: unmet need of diagnosis and treatment? (2016)
Stefanutti, Claudia; Morozzi, Claudia
BLOOD TRANSFUSION [1723-2007]. 14: pagg. 408-12-412
The 1(st) and the 2(nd) Italian Consensus Conferences on low-density lipoprotein-apheresis. A practical synopsis and update (2016)
Stefanutti, Claudia
BLOOD TRANSFUSION [1723-2007]. 15: pagg. 42-48-48