Lembo Giuseppe

professore ordinario
via dell'Elettronica, Località Camerelle, 86077 Pozzilli (ISERNIA)


Brain MRI fiber-tracking reveals white matter alterations in hypertensive patients without damage at conventional neuroimaging (2018)
Carnevale, Lorenzo; D'Angelosante, Valentina; Landolfi, Alessandro; Grillea, Giovanni; Selvetella, Giulio; Storto, Marianna; Lembo, Giuseppe; Carnevale, Daniela
From clinical observations to molecular mechanisms and back to patients: The successful circuit of the CANTOS study (2018)
Lembo, Giuseppe
CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH [0008-6363]. 114: pagg. e3-e5
Deoxycorticosterone acetate-salt hypertension activates placental growth factor in the spleen to couple sympathetic drive and immune system activation. (2018)
Perrotta, Marialuisa; Lori, Andrea; Carnevale, Lorenzo; Fardella, Stefania; Cifelli, Giuseppe; Iacobucci, Roberta; Mastroiacovo, Francesco; Iodice, Daniele; Pallante, Fabio; Storto, Marianna; Lembo, Giuseppe; Carnevale, Daniela
CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH [0008-6363]. 114: pagg. 456-467
The Interactions of the Immune System and the Brain in Hypertension (2018)
Perrotta, Marialuisa; Lembo, Giuseppe; Carnevale, Daniela
Targeting Interleukin-1β Protects from Aortic Aneurysms Induced by Disrupted Transforming Growth Factor β Signaling (2017)
DA ROS, Francesco; Carnevale, Raimondo; Cifelli, Giuseppe; Bizzotto, Dario; Casaburo, Manuel; Perrotta, Marialuisa; Carnevale, Lorenzo; Vinciguerra, Iolanda; Fardella, Stefania; Iacobucci, Roberta; Bressan, Giorgio M.; Braghetta, Paola; Lembo, Giuseppe; Carnevale, Daniela
IMMUNITY [1074-7613]. 47: pagg. 959-973.e9