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Subphenotype meta-analysis of testicular cancer genome-wide association study data suggests a role for RBFOX family genes in cryptorchidism susceptibility (2018)
Wang, Yanping; Gray, Dione R.; Robbins, Alan K.; Crowgey, Erin L.; Chanock, Stephen J.; Greene, Mark H.; Mcglynn, Katherine A.; Nathanson, Katherine; Turnbull, Clare; Wang, Zhaoming; Devoto, Marcella; Barthold, Julia Spencer
HUMAN REPRODUCTION [0268-1161]. 33: pagg. 967-977
Common variants upstream of MLF1 at 3q25 and within CPZ at 4p16 associated with neuroblastoma (2017)
Mcdaniel, Lee D.; Conkrite, Karina L.; Chang, Xiao; Capasso, Mario; Vaksman, Zalman; Oldridge, Derek A.; Zachariou, Anna; Horn, Millicent; Diamond, Maura; Huo, Cuiping; Iolascon, Achille; Hakonarson, Hakon; Rahman, Nazneen; Devoto, Marcella; Diskin, Sharon J.
Commentary on Mutations in Interleukin-10 Receptor and Clinical Phenotypes in Patients with Very Early-onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Chinese VEO-IBD Collaboration Group Survey (2017)
Kelsen, Judith R.; Dawany, Noor; Conrad, Maire; Devoto, Marcella
INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASES [1078-0998]. 23: pagg. 591-592